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It’s tournament season!!

And just a quick (gentle) reminder. 

Tournaments are the reason for playing league, we play league to qualify for them and they give us all a chance to get together (usually away from home) and hang out with friends, meet new people and generally have a good time.  Back in the day (clink!) (some of you will know what that means) we used to call them family reunions and we just happened to play darts or pool instead of cards.

There are more tournaments now than ever before, more chances for all of us to get together and catch up.  It also gives us all a chance to show our competitive side.  But these tournaments are not a right, they’re a privilege.  They are put on by people, most who volunteer for them and who have put in more hours than you can imagine in preparation for the event, to let you have as good as time as possible while you’re in attendance. 

Tournaments are  NOT the place to “become bullet proof”. Of course we want you to have a good time, but please do so responsibly.  Getting out of control, drinking to excess, yelling at other throwers, antagonizing them, fighting and arguing with them, really doesn’t solve anything and quite honestly, only makes the person who is out of control look bad.

This also does not give anyone an excuse to take out their frustrations on the tournament staff.  Will there be hiccups?  Yes.  Will there be outright mistakes?  Yes. We’re all only human, and stuff like that happens, but, and believe us when we say this, there is not ONE tournament staff, ANYWHERE, that is purposely trying to have things go wrong.  It just happens, we deal with it the best we can and we continue forward. 

So with the tournaments we have upcoming, and there are plenty, in fact between pool and darts, from the middle of January on, 11 of the 15 weekends have a  tournament that our players qualify for.  So please enjoy yourselves, set an example for other players to model themselves after and try NOT to be that person that everyone remembers weeks afterwards because of an incident that could have been avoided in the 1st place.

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